Last three days of voting!

  • 17 October 2017
  • Ceri Brown
Dear Knighton Community Centre M&ampampS Energy Fund bid supporters,
You have been magnificant in your support – for a small population of 3500 we have managed to get 211 votes (nearly 6% of the population). We know we cannot compete with the cities on this campaign (lets be honest: our nearest M&ampampS is 35 miles away), but we have proven we have got what it takes. But we could still do more.
As a loyal follower we are asking you to make one last push to find someone you know who has not yet voted – if we all found one more person to vote we could double it! You dont have to pledge just vote.
Here are some more reasons why:-
The library service co-locates at the Community Centre in the last week of November – with a small opening event on the 1st December, followed by a more formal opening with the big wigs in February 2018. We would hate for the lights to go out whilst you are reading your books – so get some votes. Teme Spirits are working up to their annual performace extravaganza and will need some juice for their stagelights – so get some votes. We have got an incredible programme of Flicks in the Sticks between now and Christmas but the projector needs some power – so get some votes. On October 28th the Craven Arms Big Band are playing for a fundraiser for Knighton Food Bank and they need power for the PA – so get some votes. November 25th there is a rock night with 3 live bands who need wattage for the decibels – so get some votes. We have a Community Market every 2nd and 4th Saturday, including special Christmas Markets selling lots of lovely food, gifts and cards but imagine the Christmas Tree without its sparkle – so get some votes. Next years events lined up include St Davids Day celebrations (3rd March), Gardening Day (28th April) and much much more, all needing electricity – so please please get some more votes.
Voting closes Friday 20th. Help us go greener.Vote by following this

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