Shakespeare’s Pericles – Saturday 18th January 2020 5pm

  • 02 January 2020
  • Ceri Brown
“Could I rage and roar as the sea, yet the end must be as it is”
Good intentions, bad luck, fickle fortunes and just deserts abound in this magical, musical adventure story – Sailing the Mediterranean Sea with singing, storms and shipwrecks… and of course Pirates! Willow Globe Company are in full force with tons of energy and some glorious music and harmonies. This one promises something special!
​This is a lesser known play but is a lot of fun and with a great story. If you dont know it and would rather wait and see what happens then
stop reading now! If you would like a little spoiler then here it is…

The medieval poet John Gower returns from the grave to tell the story of Pericles, Prince of Tyre.

Pericles Prince of Tyre is a just ruler and aware of his responsibilities. He realises it is his duty to marry, in order to ensure the succession and so a stable government. Hearing of a suitable princess in Antioch he sets sail across the Mediterranean to woo her. When he realises she is having and incestuous relationship with her father he makes his escape.

His life no longer in danger – and his identity finally revealed – Pericles sets sail for Tyre with his new wife Thaisa, now pregnant with their first child. During a storm, Thaisa dies giving birth to a daughter and is buried at sea. Pericles lands at Tarsus and entrusts his baby daughter, christened Marina, to the care of Cleon and Dionyza. Thaisas coffin lands at Ephesus, where she is revived by the healer Cerimon. She enters the temple of Diana as a nun.

Fourteen years pass. Marina attracts the envy of Dionyza, who arranges her murder, only for her to be abducted by pirates who sell her into a brothel in Mytilene, where her chastity proves bad for business. Lysimachus, the governor, visiting the brothel in disguise, is greatly impressed by her.

What will become of Marina? Will she ever be reunited with her father? Come along and find out!


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