Your Community Centre needs you and your skills!

  • 27 April 2018
  • Ceri Brown
Its been said before but your Community Centre really does need you! We need to fill various roles at the Community Centre if we are to continue to develop and you may be just the person to help keep this vital Knighton resource open for business.
After perhaps the most demanding period in the centres history, our current Treasurer has decided to stand down. Everybody is of course very grateful to her for the sterling work she has done as our Treasurer. during a challenging period of rapid change and huge financial responsibilities. Now as we face the challenges of making the newly revamped centre pay its way and become the focus of Knighton life, the management committee is looking for a new Treasurer to take overas soon as possible. If you have previous financial experience, perhaps in a bank, or in the public sector or as an accountant or if you have been a Treasurer before or are willing to learn, please consider this essential and rewarding role. Further details are available from Sue, the current Treasurer, at or committee Chairperson Karen Plant at It is planned to get some extra help for the Treasurer in book keeping if needed.
If you have what it takes to be a sound engineer we also have need of someone to help operate our newly acquired portable PA system. We hope in time to be able to put on more live music as a result so this should appeal to someone who loves live music.
There are lots of roles we need to fill, from gardening to basic building maintenance to serving in the café at the market. Our current and quite wonderful valiant band of volunteers is the life blood of the centre but we can only do so much to revitalise the Community Centre without YOUR help.
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