Dog Training at the Drill Hall

  • 27 January 2017
  • Ceri Brown

All dogs of whatever age enjoy and benefit from undergoing some training: it increases their confidence, improves their behaviour, and gives them ‘a job’ to do. As early as possible puppies should begin training and be introduced to as many gentle visitors as possible to develop socialisation and increase the chance of the pup growing into a well behaved pet.
To help owners with all this, dog training will start in the Drill Hall on the 15th February. The aim is to have fun with your dog, Taking part in activities such as obedience work, agility, fly ball, games and scent detection, all designed to enhance the bond and understanding between dog and owner.
These sessions will be friendly, fun for owners and dogs and welcoming, whether dogs have had some experience of training, or absolutely none. ‘Homework’ will be given and in order to succeed it will be necessary to spend 10 minutes twice a day practising the lessons from the previous session. No one will be left behind or made to feel incompetent! All dogs are different in how they learn, some being quick, others less so but they are all loved whatever their talents.
Training sessions will last for an hour, with about 6 dogs in a group, and trainees will book in for 4 weekly sessions at a total cost of £30.
For more information and a reservation form please ring Diana Lavers on 01547 510342 or email (Diana also teaches basic agility, obedience, canine tracking and flyball from her home near Beguildy.)

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