Jiveoholics gig a brilliant night that more should have experienced

  • 26 November 2012
  • Ceri Brown

It was, weatherwise, the most appalling night of the winter so far so I can imagine many people deciding to opt for a Saturday night in front of the telly.However those who did make the effort to come to the Comm to see and hear The Jiveoholics seemed to be glad they had, judging by the enthusiastic dance-floor action and the warm applause the band received.
As usual, the Comms catering was impressive and as delicious “snacks” were ferried one after another to the tables there must have been many who worried whether theyd be physically able to get up and dance.
But once Steve from Cool Moves Dance urged us onto the dance floor to receive some jive instruction almost everyone was up and ready to give it a go.Afterwards Steve was full of praise for the enthusiasm of the Knighton crowd, and by the time the band came on even the least talented dancers in the hall (ie me) could manage a jive move or two.
The Jiveoholics themselves were an entertaining loudly-dressed bunch of top-class musicians who stamped their own character on two hours worth of jive and swing classics.
At the end both the Cool Moves Dance team and The Jiveoholics themselves had nothing but praise for the hall and the organisation and though the low attendance meant that the Community Centre barely met its costs and though the setting up of the hall after the Food and Craft Market, the preparation of all the food and the promotional work of producing posters, flyers press releases left the organisersexhausted, in terms of satisfied gig goers the night must be judged a great success.
Lets just hope that next time a few more Knightonians make the effort to support their local venue and experience for themselves great live music on their own doorstep.

PSOnce again, thanks to the good people at the Arts Council of Wales Night Out scheme, without whose financial support events like this would simply not be possible in Knighton.


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