That warm community feeling

  • 10 October 2013
  • Ceri Brown

Sometimes, running the Community Centre, you feel everyone wants it to be there when they want to use it but no one expects to do anything to keep it open.And then things happen that make you feel good about the whole enterprise.
Recently volunteer-extraordinaire Scott Hill offered to paint a nice new sign on the front of the centre.He needed paint of course – and then local supplier of all things eco and stylish for the home, Precious Earth, offered to help out on that score.He also needed scaffold – and local craftsman Paul Milward came to the rescue.And above you see the progress on Scotts creation as of this morning.He would have done more by now but people keep stopping work to express their amazement to him.
Then today the centres wonderful supporters in the Knighton Fairtrade Group presented us with a cheque for £100 raised at their tea tent at Knighton Carnival.Support like this is vital when a small group of volunteers is faced with keeping open a huge facility like our Community Centre and so we say thank you to Knighton Fairtrade Group, to Scott – and to all those who help out in many practical ways.
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