Growing Edible for Everyone in Knighton (GEEK) Launch

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Growing Edibles for Everyone in Knighton (GEEK) Network is a new project to connect people growing edibles across Knighton and our local area – to share knowledge/ experience, skill sets, and resources
This includes our initiative to make growing edibles available to everyone within our community, to build on work our Garden Coordinator has done with Knighton Primary School, Orbis Education (Summergil House/ Womaston). We aim to extend this work to reach out to other groups across our community, such as the Knighton Youth Project.
We also hope to bring together anyone with curiosity in, or experiences of growing their own edible plants in our community,
We have received some funding from the RHS to continue to create a network of individuals and groups growing edibles across our community.
Please invite anyone you think would be interested in being part of this network, and come along and find out more yourself:
Refreshments and snacks will be available after school and throughout the evening from our community cafe
The bar will be open for the event
Activities for children and young people will be provided by Radnorshire Wildlife Trust
From 5pm our very own @Chris Martin, alongside Angie, Hilary, Corrina, and Camilla, will be singing songs about food, written by Camilla.
At 6:45(ish) our host, resident Garden Coordinator and the GEEK Network Coordinator, will give a presentation on the network, our aims, and our funding from the RHS.
After the presentation by Tom, we will hopefully have some local folk music
There will be information available for everyone to find out more about the network, to get to know other people interested in growing edibles, and hopefully to stay connected through our network and opportunities to grow edibles in Knighton over the coming year(s).

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