Appointment of New Staff.

  • 15 January 2020
  • Ceri Brown

The Community Centre is pleased to announce the appointments of two new staff members.

The staff are funded through the Social Value Development Fund for 3 months. The Social Value Development Fund is part of the Powys Regional Partnership Board, a strategic group of Health, Social Services and the voluntary sector, and it is administered on their behalf by PAVO. The posts were externally advertised and after a very competitive interview, two appointments were made.

The two new staff members are Annie England and Sue Lee. Annie is the Hub Coordinator and Sue is the Information Assistant. Annie is a volunteer with a number of local organisations, and a previous manager in the voluntary sector. Sue is an experienced former Town Clerk and local government officer. Annie will be working to develop the Hub at the Community Centre and in particular to train volunteers in signposting and form filling. Sue will be developing a local directory of groups and services.

Knighton Community Centre thanks PAVO for its help and support and also the Powys County Council Library Service.


Sue has started preparing the Register of local groups and services. If you would like to talk with her please contact Sue at Annie is preparing a training programme for volunteers to assist the public with advice on local services in the library and help with form filling. This is a fantastic opportunity for volunteers – if you would like to join us please contact Annie on or Louise on Annie will be working on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays and will usually be at the Comm on Tuesday mornings. We will feature an article by Annie and Sue about their work plan in early February.

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